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EV Rescue

Portable EV Charging Unit


Standalone power for roadside assistance...

World’s first TOTALLY PORTABLE EV POWER standalone power for roadside assistance or even in a showroom – whenever an EV runs out of power, EVRESCUE brings the power to the vehicle wherever it is needed and delivers around 15 miles of range in around half an hour or a complete recharge in a few hours.

Connect EVRESCUE to mains power and it acts as an EV charger for car showrooms, car maintenance, car distributors, exhibitions and forecourts, providing flexible portable power without the need for fixed charging points.

4kW and 10kW versions available.

Product Information

  • Unique 4kW portable EV charging system, providing an EV with up to 15 miles of range without having to be re-charged. 10kW version also available
  • I nnovative, standalone power for roadside assistance, remote locations, dealer and repair facilities
  • Type 2 socket with Mode 3 communication
  • Recharge EVRESCUE from the mains (240v) or from a vehicle system (12v/24v - ideal for recovery vehicles)
  • Easy to use with rugged controls
  • Cost effective charging solution for recovery specialists, fleet management companies and vehicle distributors
  • Charges new 2013 Nissan Leaf at a rate of 1 minute per mile (2011 model charges at 3 minutes/per mile)
  • 90 minutes for a full re-charge when unit connected to the mains (240v 13A supply)
  • Power level display shows remaining energy
  • IP rated powder coated steel enclosure
  • Lithium ion technology
  • Optional in vehicle charging option available
  • Optional tethered lead option available
  • Optional Type 2 to J1772 / Type 2 cables

Diagnostics Communication Module

This optional addition gives access to useful information and can be made available by way of a monthly report

  • Battery Charge Level
  • How many times it has been connected to an EV for Discharge
  • How many times the unit has been connected to the grid for Recharge
  • The depth of Recharge into an EV battery
  • The date of Recharge and Discharge
  • The time of Recharge and Discharge

Smartphone APP feature

The recovery operator has the following data available via a smartphone APP from the comfort of their vehicle

  • Full list of current EVs with on board charging data per model – updated with new EV data
  • Recharging data giving Expected Miles per Minute per EV model
  • Real time Battery Level with remaining power
  • Elapsed time of Recharging
  • Expected achievable distance from current Recharge