EV charger for home

Charging box offers ev chargers for electric cars in public or private car parks

EV charger for home

Our products can be chosen in different charging powers, between 3,7kW up to 22kW. Remember! The electric car is the boss and is the one who can decide the maximum power accepted.

With our charging points, a Nissan Leaf can be charged in about 7-8 hours using a potency of 3,7kW and in just 4-5 hours with a potency of 7kW. From ChargingBox we reccommend to power up your car between 3,7kW a 7kW and doing it at night, since valley tariffs make cheaper the charging at that time of the day. Even though, our products are prepared for the future, giving the option of higher potencias, such as 11kW and 22kW.

Remember our products have been tested by the different automotive brands. Among the testers, we could mention Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Tesla, Chevrolet, Opel…We have available special charging points for the electric cars Renault ZEReady and Nissan Leaf, and many more.

“Electric car home charging station"

If you are in possesion of a private car pak, the system can be equipped with an ON/OFF button. Conversely, if the charging point is destined to stay in a communal car park, you will need an access limitor, such as a key or a RFID card so you can be the only one deciding who will be connected to the charging points. With only a simple meter of kW between the electricity of the car park and the charging point to measure the used charge you will be able to enjoy the charging of your electric vehicle. This method is ideal to register the electric waste and be able to regule the consumption at the end of the month. The LED indicator points the state of charge.

electric car charging station